Don’t pay too much at the pharmacy

By Editorial Board Star Tribune An editorial writer could have saved money with new law, but failed to take advantage.  Minnesotans have an important new tool to reduce their prescription drug costs. The trouble is that they may not be aware of it, or a restless line...

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Doctor-lawmaker makes an impact quickly

by John Gessner Mann has eventful first session The “Mann plan,” a phrase that surfaced at the state Capitol this year, isn’t a formal proposal. The House of Representatives was debating health care reinsurance when a senior Republican member “who liked to pick on...

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MMA-supported PBM Bill Sent to Governor’s Desk

Legislation to increase transparency and accountability for pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) took its final step with the adoption of the conference committee’s recommendations by both the House (130-2) and Senate (67-0). The bill was sent to the governor for his...

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