Meet Dr. Mann

My name is Alice Mann and I am running for the Minnesota Senate in District 50, representing Bloomington and Edina. I currently live in Edina with my husband, Elliot, and our three young boys.

I believe in people over politics.

At the age of eight, I received the most powerful gift one can give a child: opportunity. At that time, my parents uprooted our family from Brazil and moved to Richfield, Minn., in search of a better future. Growing up here, my parents instilled in me a strong work ethic, as well as the attitude that one does not make excuses, but works hard to find solutions.

It is this kind of outlook that I will bring to the Minnesota Senate.

I am an emergency room physician and currently serve patients at Northfield Hospital. I also serve as the Primary Care Medical Services Director for Wayside Recovery Center, providing mental health and addiction treatment services for women, children and families. I have completed medical and public health training at Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins University, respectively. In addition to working here in Minnesota, one of my passions is volunteering andproviding medical care to impoverished populations around the world. I have worked in Tanzania, Mali, Nicaragua, Haiti, Brazil, as well as spent five months living and working in rural Zimbabwe. I also provided medical care at a Syrian refugee camp and took care of people affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Alice Mann with her family
Dr. Alice Mann
Dr. Alice Mann speaks on House floor.

In 2018, I felt called to act. I was spending more and more of my days in the clinic seeing patients who couldn’t afford their medicine, while arguing on the phone with insurance companies. I became a State Representative, serving the communities of Burnsville and Lakeville, and was able to chief-author new laws that:

    • Decreased healthcare fees for families with kids with disabilities,
    • Secured funding for the statewide tobacco quit help program,
    • Increased the reimbursement rates for doula services to improve maternal outcomes,
    • Brought metro mobility services to Lakeville,
    • Decreased the cost of prescription drugs by creating a new law regulating pharmacy benefit managers,
    • Established the Chloe Barnes Rare Disease Advisory Council of MN to help families struggling with life changing diagnosis.

By the end of my term, I felt needed full-time in the emergency room, as my colleagues and I dealt with the COVID-19 epidemic, and I did not seek re-election at that time.

But our work in St. Paul is unfinished. It is now that I ask for your support in Senate District 50.

Minnesotans need relief from expensive prescription costs, and medical premiums they cannot afford. We need to fully fund our public schools, make sure our environment is protected, and that everyone has the opportunity of gainful employment. It is my goal as your State Senator to provide all of our neighbors with that opportunity to thrive.

We don’t need politicians who want to lob talk-radio slogans at each other. We need people committed to finding solutions, and who are ready to work.

Let’s get to work.

Alice Mann

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